„The Voyage“ [english]

After a long and intense first year at the BalFeu – training section of the youth fire department in Balingen, the nine lego®-members of this group decided to make an excursion through Germany, Europe and the whole world.

For this, the members have applied for a gap year from their youth fire department and of course the supervisors agreed to this project.

During their excursion, they want to visit popular and historic places, but also gain new experiences while meeting other youth groups of fire departments and participating in relief organizations.

The BalFeu-Members (Lego®-figures) are then excited to be with you on-site and are hoping for exciting and informative moments and experiences.

They’re asking you for the following:

  1. Create a photo of the BalFeu-Figure together with your (youth) fire department/ relief organization or at a famous spot in your hometown.
  2. Send that picture with some explaining notes to Pics@BalFeu.de. This will be published in the online travel dairy of the BalFeu team on the website http://www.DieReise.BalFeu.de.
  3. Write a short comment in the attached booklet (travel diary).
  4. After that, please send all parts, well-packed, to a youth fire department or other organization of your choice.

In January 2018, an independent committee will choose the three best pictures and award these ones with a prize.

We are already excited to see your pictures and impressions and say thanks in advance for supporting the “Bal-Feu” journey.